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Southern Novella links to Country Music

Best-selling author Michael Morris (Slow Way Home, A Place Called Wiregrass) has penned a novella incorporating the lyrics of the smash hit song - Live Like You Were Dying: A Story About Living. Bearing a foreword by Tim McGraw, Morris delivers a powerful tale of realization. The book's release was timed to be on the store shelves one to two weeks before the CMA Awards Show on November 9, 2004.

The novella was included in VIP bags to the stars at the CMA Awards Show and Morris will join veteran songwriters Craig Wiseman and Tim Nichols for Behind the Song events in promotion of the book. The first event will be held at the Isle of Capri in Shreveport on November 12th; the second will be at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville on November 19th.

Live Like You Were Dying is the 2004 winner of the CMA Song of the Year and the CMA Single of the Year.

Regional Literary Prizes

South Carolina author William Price Fox is the 2004 recipient of the Governorís Award in the Humanities. His humorous books include: Southern Fried, Dixiana Moon, Moonshine Light, Moonshine Bright. In January 2005, his next book will be released. Satchel Paigeís America chronicles the 10 days Fox spent with the pitcher, who Joe DiMaggio called ďthe best and fastest pitcher Iíve ever faced.Ē

The North Carolina Writers' Network held the 2004 induction ceremony into the NC Literary Hall of Fame in October. The 2004 inductees were: fiction writer Doris Betts; journalist Tom Wicker; and poet James McGirt (deceased).

Nancy S. Seasholes has received the 2004 Historic Preservation Book Prize from the University of Mary Washington's Center for Historic Preservation for her book Gaining Ground: A History of Landmaking in Boston.

Andy Straka of Charlottesville has won a 2004 Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America for his novel Cold Quarry.

The Library of Virginia has given its 7th Annual Literary Awards to:

-Edward Jones (fiction) for The Known World. The book also won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the 2004 People's Choice Award for Fiction.

-Suzanne Lebsock (nonfiction) for A Murder in Virginia. The book also won the 2004 Parkman Prize awarded by the Society of American Historians.

-Debra Nystsrom (poetry) for Torn Sky.

-George Garrett, the Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

The People's Choice Awards, sponsored by the Library and the James River Writers Festival, went to Jones and to Elizabeth Varon, author of Southern Lady, Yankee Spy.

Mississippi Authors' Award

The Mississippi Library Association presented its top literary honors to three of the state's native writers as part of the group's three-day convention. Those honored included children's author Freddi Williams Evans, novelist Davis L. Temple Jr., and nonfiction author Minor Ferris Buchanan.

Freddi Williams Evans' A Bus of Our Own is based on real events and celebrates the spirit of the African Americans who lived in rural Mississippi in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Evans' newest book is The Story of Congo Square.

Davis L. Temple, Jr.'s first book Two Letters Then Booger Den will be followed by three other books in various stages of completion: Preacherman, a prequel to Two Letters; Moodus Noises, a story of the return of the old Pequot Indians exterminated by the white man in 1637; and Pandora's New Box, a science fiction tale of biotechnology gone bad.

When his daughter asked where did the Teddy Bear originate, Minor Ferris Buchanan was inspired to write Holt Collier, His Life, His Roosevelt Hunts, and The Origin of the Teddy Bear. Buchanan is on the speakers circuit with his presentation on the Teddy Bear.

Novello Literary Award

Novello Festival Press has named Doris Iarovici of Durham, NC, the 2005 winner of the Novello Literary Award. Iarolvici won for her collection of short fiction, titled American Dreaming and Other Stories. As a child, Iarovici came to America from her native Romania, and followed her own dream, earning a medical degree from Yale University. Currently, she is a psychiatrist in practice at Duke University. 

Iarovici received $1000 plus publication and national distribution of her book. It will be the first collection of short works by a single author to be published by NFP, and is scheduled for release in Fall 2005. 

Finalists included: Sandra Cimadori of Lincolnton, NC; Julia Nunnally Duncan of Marion, NC; Mark Ethridge of Charlotte,NC; Dot Jackson of Pickens, SC; and Kay McSpadden of Rock Hill, SC. 

The 2004 winner, Steve Cushman, has recently had his novel Portisville published by Novello Festival Press.

2004 Royal Palm Awards

The Florida Writers Association have presented the 2004 Royal Palm Awards for original works by FWA members and works published between 2003-2004 (Some of the works listed as unpublished, have since been published).

The Osceola Community Club by D. H. Eaton (Cumberland House) took Book of the Year honors. The novel is a charming journey back in time through the pages of a 1958 cookbook. While on a trip back to her Florida childhood hometown, a middle-age woman discovers the cookbook, which was created when she was a girl of twelve. The recipes trigger memories of her youth and the people of this community.

Other winners include:

Published Winners Unpublished Winners
Adult Non-Fiction
1st Place - Alzheimer Stories by Karen Favo Walsh
2nd Place - Sin City by G.W. Reynolds III

Adult Fiction
1st Place - Immortal Symphony by Terri Dulong and Bill Bonner
2nd Place - Echoes by Sunny Serafino

1st Place - Memoir of A Misfit by Marcia Ford
2nd Place - Beyond the Office Door by Duffy Kopriva

1st Place - A Bully Grows Up: Erik Meets The Wizard by Caryn S. Hacker
2nd Place - River Dragon by Diane Carr

1st Place - Write In Style by Bobbie Christmas

1st Place - Frankís Whales by Frank Gromling

2nd Place - A Touch of Florida Wildlife by Linda Richardson Barrick

Erotic Non-Fiction
1st Place - Eroticism by Nettie Scarzafava

Family Saga
1st Place - At The Riverís Edge by Jessie Wise
2nd Place - Tainted Blood by Jessie Wise

1st Place - Guardians of the Zercons by Brian Jeffrey Voigt

Historical Fiction
1st Place - The Governor of Peter Creek by H. Garrett Dotson
2nd Place - Love and War by Sandra Worth

Historical Non-Fiction
1st Place - Pattonís Vanguard by Don Fox

Historical Travel
1st Place - Get Off The Interstate by Valerie Evans Goddard

Home Improvement
1st Place - The Glenn Boyles Big Home Improvement Book by Glenn Boyles 

1st Place - Running Head Start by Freda Gower Ward

1st Place - 101 Most Powerful Promises in the Bible by Marcia Ford
2nd Place - Meditations for Misfits by Marcia Ford

1st Place - The Purple Moose by Yvonne VanDerLinden
2nd Place - Christmas Night Out by Linda Richardson Barrick

Literary Fiction
1st Place - The Osceola Community Club by Darlene Eaton
2nd Place - Fletcherís Lure by William Richard Dempsey

1st Place - The Thirsty Manatee by Chris Chag
2nd Place - Spring Fever by Kate Birch

1st Place - A Poetry Break by Kay Day
2nd Place - Just Love Me by Betty Ann Crews

1st Place - Show Me, Teach Me, Heal Me by Acaysha Dolfin

1st Place - Wild Women by Michelle Bardsley
2nd Place - The Master of Plans by Carol Miller

Science Fiction/Horror/Paranormal
1st Place - The Ditchwalkers by Dana Thomas
2nd Place - Who Mourns for Majik? by Ty P. Norling

1st Place - Your Inner Edge by Charles Lambert
2nd Place - Conscious Courage by Maureen Otteni Stearns

Short Story
1st Place - A Mother Scorned by Michelle Bardsley

Young Adult
1st Place - Windrusher by Victor DiGenti
2nd Place - Mystery of the Missing Candlestick by June Weltman




Adult Fiction
1st Place  - Watermelon Fall by Robert W. West
2nd Place - Best Intentions by Julie Compton 

1st Place - The Elf Who Lost 7 by Ruth Barnaby
2nd Place - Whereís My Shoe? by Janet Walter

1st Place - Jump Start Your Writing by Mary Hubley

Family Saga
1st Place - Mender of Souls by Jessie Wise

1st Place - The Kemryl by Carrie Rice
2nd Place - The Sum of Her Parts by Eugene Orlando

Women's Fiction: Gay/Lesbian
1st Place - The Backyard by Doreen M. Lewis

1st Place - In The Sanctity of the Snake Pit by Michael Douglas Guard
2nd Place - The Mad Dogs by Charles Dowling

1st Place - Sisters of Fate by Virginia Hendry
2nd Place - For The Hidden Door by D.L. Havlin

1st Place - Porch Plentitude by Dickie Anderson
2nd Place - Godís Book Part 1 & 2 by Freda Gower Ward

1st Place - The Magic Token: A Modern Girl's Adventures with Alice in Wonderland
by Eugene Orlando
2nd Place - A Monster Ate My Bangs by Karlene Tauszik

Literary Fiction
1st Place - The Hanging Oak by D.L. Havlin
2nd Place - No Remorse by Janet Walter

1st Place - The Singing Sleuth by Diane Barton
2nd Place - Intrepid by Chris Chag

1st Place - Victory by Henry Burt Stevens
2nd Place - Out of My Head by Nancy Wayman Deutsch

1st Place - Rice and Roses by Claudette Parmenter
2nd Place - Estherís Journey by Chiche Scaglia Davis

Science Fiction/Horror/Paranormal
1st Place - Macumba by Jill Terry
2nd Place - The Remigrants by Joseph E. Wright

1st Place - Boston Fisch by James Anderson

Short Story
1st Place - Willie and Jack by Nancy Wayman Deutsch
2nd Place - Two Pairs of Shorts by Yvonne VanDerLinden

Stage Play
1st Place - It Tastes Just Like Chicken by Chris Battle

Young Adult
1st Place - Landonís Tale by Randall K. Mortenson
2nd Place - The Legend of the Dream Castle by Lisa Marie Kalaf
















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