Call For Papers   

Southern Literary Journal
Deadline: March 1, 2002

The Southern Literary Journal is planning two issues devoted to individual topics. For Fall 2002, the editors invite submissions focusing on nineteenth-century southern writers, of any genre or style, with emphasis on new approaches, new readings, or previously neglected authors and works. For Spring 2003, the editors invite submissions focusing on southern autobiography-- black or white, male or female, classic or contemporary--and the autobiographical impulse (as manifested in fiction as well as autobiography and memoir) endemic to southern authorship. 

Respondents should follow normal submission procedures (available on SLJ's website) but indicate in a cover letter their wish to be considered for one of these two issues. Manuscripts should be received before March 2002 and July 2002, respectively.

Direct questions to: 
Christopher Windolph, Managing Editor 
Southern Literary Journal
CB#3520 Greenlaw Hall
University of North Carolina 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3520