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Call for Papers    

Panel: Eudora Welty and Material Objects
sponsored by the Eudora Welty Society
SAMLA Conference
Omni Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, MD
November 15-17, 2002

Deadline: February 1, 2002

Anything is game for this panel: from Easter's mumbltey-peg jackknife and drinking cup to Miss Moody's hand-painted celluloid powder box, Loch's telescope, Miss Eckhart's metronome, and anyone's P.O.

Other possibilities:
What is the relationship between small town southern society and a handcrafted breadboard? How does Eudora Welty's treatment of ordinary objects provide insights into American/Southern culture?

Please submit 500-word abstracts with titles to:

Dawn Trouard
Dept. of English
University of Central Florida
PO Box 161346
Orlando, FL 32816-1346