Call for Papers    

Collection of Essays on Theoretical Approaches to Southern Literature
Deadline:  January 1, 2001

I am preparing a collection of essays on new theoretical approaches to literature of the American South, and I am looking both for essays which speculate on the possible benefits of applying more recent theoretical paradigms to Southern literature and readings of particular texts through the lens of a specific theoretical approach. Essays might consider the ways in which a particular theoretical approach might help to reconfigure the sub-discipline of Southern literature, by helping to reclaim a neglected author, by re-examining just who is and isn't considered Southern (and why), or by studying a canonical Southern author or text with a recent theoretical paradigm. I am particularly interested in essays from scholars who received their graduate training after the "theory boom" of the 1980s. 

A major university press has already expressed a great deal of interest in this project. Drafts of essays would have to be submitted by January, 2001. 

Please direct all inquiries to: 

Tim Caron 
Department of English 
California State University, Long Beach 
Long Beach, CA 90840