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Call for Papers    


Poe and Literary Space
a panel proposed for the 2nd International Edgar Allan Poe Conference
October 3-6, 2002 in Baltimore, MD.

Deadline: September 1, 2001

Theorists of urban or literary space like Walter Benjamin, Maurice Blanchot, Gaston Bachelard, and William Carlos Williams all cite Poe's texts as examples of an urban hermeneutics, a dwelling in the space of death, the sensitive creation of spatial imagery, and a radically original "clearing of the ground." This panel seeks papers that address these writers or related themes such as architecture, "The Philosophy of Furniture," urban design, the Gothic, the grotesque, "Eureka"'s theory of space itself, the arabesque, maps, psychotic space, flanerie, travelogues, and landscape.

Please send abstracts for 20-minute papers to:

Hsuan Hsu
Department of English
320 Wheeler Hall
University of California
Berkeley, Berkeley, CA  94720