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Humor and Baseball Collection
Deadline: August 15, 2005

Shelves and shelves have been filled with scholarly attention to baseball in American history, culture, literature, politics, etc.; likewise, shelves and shelves have been devoted to the study of humor (in American history, culture, literature, politics, etc.). Yet, surprisingly little has been said about the relationship between the two.  

Proposed is a collection of new essays on the relationship between humor and baseball (in American history, culture, literature, politics, etc.). Topics might include, but certainly are not limited to:  

baseball folklore and oral histories
baseball films, novels, poetry, etc.
baseball business and politics
baseball memoirs, exposes, etc.
funny moments in baseball games, blooper reels, etc.
baseball mascots and comic figures/characters/logos
baseball insider culture (razzing, pranks, dugout and on-field antics, etc.)  

Any essay on the intersections of baseball and humor will be considered, and ideally the collection will be comprised of nine essays, total (of course!).  

The working title for the collection is "'There's no crying in baseball!': Essays on Humor and America's Game". 

Detailed abstracts (350-500 words) or completed essays (5,000-10,000 words) due August 15, 2005. Questions and submissions via email (MSWord doc) to Jason Steed at < >.  

Note: A major press has already expressed interest in this project.