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Call for Papers    



Panel Session Title: "Children's Literature: Life and Work"
Deadline: March 15, 2005

South Atlantic Modern Language Association's annual meeting
in Atlanta, Georgia
Session sponsored by the SAMLA Children's Literature Discussion Circle

The SAMLA Children's Literature Discussion Circle invites submissions related to the life and work of children's literature and its creators. These key terms -- life and work -- offer many possible directions to pursue. For example, a list of possible topics might include:

- biographical approaches to children's literature;
- the cultural work performed by children's literature;
- the shifting definitions of children's literature (as Beverly Lyons Clark points out, Huckleberry Finn started life as a boys' book and became a classic of [adult] American literature);
- the relationship between literature and business (publishing, licensing, film production);
- the creative process (what do draft or manuscript pages reveal? What does editorial correspondence suggest about how the work was revised?);
- representations of work in children's literature?

By 15 March 2005, please send one-page abstracts to: Philip Nel, Department of English, 108 E/CS Bldg., Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506-6501; Panelists will need to be
members of SAMLA by 30 April 2005.