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Collection on Barry Hannah
Deadline: December 15, 2002

I am currently soliciting proposals for essay-length contributions to an edited collection on Barry Hannah's fiction. This collection would build on (and encompass) the essays included in Ruth D. Weston's Hannah special issue of _Mississippi Quarterly_ (Fall 2001). A major Southern university press has expressed interest in publishing the project, and already a number of scholars have agreed to submit new essays for consideration.

At this stage I am interested in all proposals, involving any critical approach and any Hannah work, short or long. However, please note that the aforementioned university press has expressed a preference for essays that range relatively widely. i.e., that do not consider only one of Hannah's stories/novels. Given that this would be the first essay collection on Hannah's work, and given the variety of that work, I am reluctant to impose a single overarching theme on either the collection or, indeed, Hannah's ouevre. However, publishing realities, for one, dictate that the collection will likely be organized around one, two or
three overarching themes. As such, I am particularly interested in essays that encompass one or more of the following themes:

- Hannah and postmodernism (as a literary style or aesthetic, esp. Hannah in comparative context with other postmodern writers)
- Hannah and postmodernity (the representation, mediation and/or criticism of the cultures, economies, societies, etc., of postmodernity)
- Hannah as Southern, postsouthern or anti-Southern writer (esp. in comparative context with other Southern, American or international writers)
- Masculinity (the Southern male (anti-) hero, gender relations, anxieties over masculinity in the contemporary South/postmodern world)
- Race and/or class (including Hannah in relation, or contrast, to "grit" or poor white Southern writers such as Harry Crews, Dorothy Allison, or Larry Brown)

Please submit proposals (between 300-500 words) to one of the email or postal addresses below as soon as possible, and no later than 15 December 2002. I plan to submit formal proposals to at least two university presses in late December 2002 or early January 2003.

Dr. Martyn Bone
School of American and
Canadian Studies
University of Nottingham