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Tennessee Williams and the South
by Kenneth Holditch and Richard Freeman Leavitt
University of Mississippi Press, 2002
Hardcover,  $30.00 (111 pp)
ISBN: 1-57806-410-4

Tennessee Williams and the South is a light introduction in to the life and literary influences of the Southís greatest playwright.  The presentation of photographs of the author, family, friends, literary homes and play scenes create a photo-essay quality to the book, which is for the most part a biography. 

The relationship of Tennessee Williams to the region of his birth was intense and produced the energy for his creative genius.  Williams was drawn to the tragic history of the South as well as the Cavalier tradition with itís sense of honor. 

Holditch and Leavitt wet the readerís appetite to revisit Williamís plays and movies with the knowledge of how these works were inspired.  Tennessee Williams and the South is tightly constructed, presenting a lot of information at a pace that entices the reader and the beauty of imagines that draw the reader into that period of the South. 

Kenneth Holditch, a professor emeritus at the University of New Orleans, the editor of the Tennessee Williams Journal, and the co-editor (with Mel Gussow) of the Library of America edition of Williamís works. 

Richard Freeman Leavitt is the editor and compiler of The World of Tennessee Williams and the compiler of the photographs and the genealogical chart for Lyle Leverichís Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams


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