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Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up
by Steve White
Chloe Press, 2001
Trade paper, $14.95 (202 pages)
ISBN:  0-9679092-8-7



I can't remember ever laughing out loud and calling friends to read excerpts to the extend I did while reading Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up.  Steve White grew up during America's Brady Bunch decade and like the Bradys, he grew up in a strong, loving family.  But there is a twist in the White household.  Mom is a gifted prankster and inspires young Steve to become a clown.  Most of the essays deal with normal family events, like the family vacation with children trying to retain their own space in the backseat.  Or traveling with the in-laws, which is a test for any marriage.

Steve White experiences the innocent events where he becomes the object of humor without planning it.  One case is at morning Mass, where Steve's brother is an alter boy and the other alter boy is missing.  The Priest invites Steve to go back and find an alter boy vestment.  Eight year-old Steve proudly returns dragging the Priest robe he is wearing.  The entire congregation laughs as Steve's father comes to aid his son back in the changing room.  Steve just opened the wrong closet. 

The essays are sure to bring back memories of Halloween, trips to McDonalds, picking on siblings, Driver's Ed, and first love.

As a self-published book (White prefers to call 'independently published'), Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up stands apart from the masses of all books for quality of production and artwork.  It shows what can be done and why self-published books should not be ignored anymore.


Joyce Dixon
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