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Written by Constance W. McGeorge and illustrated by Mary Whyte
Peachtree Publishers, 2004
Hardcover, $16.95 (32 pages)
ISBN: 1-56145-321-8

Chestnut is an enchanting story of a delivery horse from early in the last century. The story is set in Charleston, South Carolina, where today horses are more likely to draw carriages with tourists through the cobblestone streets.

Chestnut belongs to Mr. Decker, who runs a delivery service. Each day Mr. Deckerís wagon runs the same morning and afternoon routes. One the day of the mayorís daughterís birthday, Mr. Decker rises early to load the special deliveries in preparation for the birthday party. However, when he is done loading it is still to early to leave, so he decides to rest.

As the tower clock chimes, Chestnut unsuccessfully tries to awaken Mr. Decker, then leaves to make the deliveries alone. It is quite an adventure through Charleston as Chestnut visits each shop on the route before returning with the empty wagon to the delivery barn.

Chestnut is an entertaining story that addresses loyalty and responsibility. The illustrations are beautiful watercolors depicting Charlestonís landmarks.

Constance McGeorge and Mary Whyte have worked together on five picture books, including the Boomer books. Constance W. McGeorge is a teacher and has worked in market research. For Chestnut, she drew on her love of riding horses. McGeorge and her husband Jim live in Columbus, Ohio. Mary Whyte lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where she and her husband, Smith Coleman, own and manage the Coleman Fine Art gallery.


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