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The Adventures of Pelican Pete: First Discoveries
By Hugh and Frances Keiser
Sagaponack Books, 2002
Hardcover, $15.00 (30 pages)
ISBN: 0-9668845-2-3

Told in verse, Pelican Pete explores America’s oldest city – St. Augustine, Florida. Pete flies from the lighthouse to the historic town and on to the fort. He learns of the Native American and Spanish history as well as the wildlife and agriculture of the area. Pete also learns about land loss due to development.

First Discoveries teaches history, nature and preservation. The book provides additional teaching information at the end, so the book could be an excellent lesson plan.

Husband and wife team Hugh and Frances Keiser have created the Pelican Pete series of picture books. Drawing on her love of fairy tales, Frances writes in verse. Hugh creates the artwork using his computer. Their home “Pelican Perch” is located on the beach near St. Augustine.

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