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The Banjoman: El Hombre del Banjo
by Tyler Norman and Josť S. Perez
Illustrated by Josť S. Perez
Overmountain Press, 2004
Hardcover, $12.95 (30 pages)
ISBN: 1-57072-292-7
  The Banjoman: El Hombre del Banjo is a lovely picture book with the story told in English and Spanish on each page. It would be great to use in bi-lingual daycare or with children learning a second language.

The simple story follows a banjo musician who entertains children with his melodies, till a string breaks on his instrument. The children offer solutions, but finally a blue bird helps by chirping the missing notes. The banjo man and blue bird make beautiful music together.

Tyler Norman was raised in Houston, Texas, where she attended the University of Houston, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts School, and the University of St. Thomas. Besides her professional painting career, Norman has taught children and adults painting and sculpture through her own studio.

Josť S. Perez was born in Houston, Texas. He studied art at the Chicago Academy with Louis Grell and at the American Academy of Chicago with Allen St. John and William Mosby. Today, Josť S. Perez is a professional artist in Washington, D.C., and his works can be found in collections throughout the world.

Joyce Dixon
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