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Children's Books Reviews  
Stories From Where We Live: The Gulf Coast, edited by Sara St. Antoine, 2002
Redneck Night Before Christmas, David R. Davis with James Rice (Illustrator), 1999
Jazz Cats, David R. Davis with Chuck Galey (Illustrator), 2001
Nurse's Night Before Christmas, David Davis with James Rice (Illustrator), 2003
Marty and the Dancing Butterflies, Jannie Greene, 2001
Lowcountry Lore: haunts, hags, and plat-eyes, Jannie Greene, 2001
Grandpa's Tales, Jannie Greene, 2000
Majesty from Assateague, Harvey Hagman, David Aiken (illustrator), 2003
The Learnin' Post, Robert L. Hall, 2002
The Adventures of Pelican Pete: First Discoveries, Hugh and Frances Keiser, 2002

Orville, A Dog Story, Haven Kimmel with Robert Andrew Parker, 2003

Molasses Man, Kathy L. May, Felicia Marshall (illustrator), 2000
Chestnut, Constance W. McGeorge and Mary Whyte, 2004
Cracker's Mule, Billy Moore, 2002
The All Animal Band, written by Jim Moore, illustrated by Norris Hall, 2004
Arfie at Amelia, Roger Moore and Ron Kurtz, 2004
The Banjoman: El Hombre del Banjo, Tyler Norman and José S. Perez, 2004
Wellington’s Windows, Marilyn Mae Randall, 2003
Carolina's Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! by Donna Rathmell, photography by Barbara J. Bergwerf, 2005
The Vicar of Church Hill, Jody Rawley, 2002
Lowcountry A to Z, Betsy Strickland, Eric Horan (photography), 2003
Florida A to Z, Susan Jane Ryan, Carol Tornatore (illustrator), 2003
Country Music Night Before Christmas, Thomas N. Turner, James Rice (Illustrator), 2003
Ernest's Gift, Kathryn Tucker Windham, Frank Hardy (illustrator), 2004
Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins, Carole Boston Weatherford, 2005
The Wise Mullet of Cook Bayou, Timothy A. Weeks, 2004
Why are the Mountains Smoky? Neat Facts about the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Written and Illustrated by Kent Whitaker, 2004