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Redneck Night Before Christmas
by David Davis, illustrated by James Rice
Pelican, 1999
ISBN: 1-56554-293-2

David Davis takes Clement C. Moore’s classic yuletide poem and adds a twisted southern verse of which Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.   

Maw and Paw are settling down in the trailer, when Santa dressed in a hunter camouflage drives up in his pickup truck with eight hound dogs bearing gifts.   

Santa was missing some teeth, which could lead one to assume his seasonal sugar high was out of hand.  He enjoyed his chew and carried a bag bearing the southern Star and Bars flag.  But all doubt that he is southern falls away when he pulls out the box of Moon Pies and case of RC Cola.  

David Davis, an award-winning political cartoonist, brings his satirical wit to illustrated books that touches children of all ages. 

James Rice is acclaimed as the South’s leading author and illustrator of juvenile books with more than fifty-plus books in print, including Cajun Night Before Christmas

David Davis and James Rice also collaborated on Trucker’s Night Before Christmas (Pelican). 


Joyce Dixon
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