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Wellington’s Windows
by Marilyn Mae Randall
Ubaviel’s Gifts, 2003
Booklet, $14.95 (167 pages) 
ISBN: 0-9713589-6-6



Told in “First Dog,” this children’s story is about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Wellington, who is adopted by a family.  He finds his niche in the order of things and his part in the family as comforter and receiver of benevolence as well.   

Using his keen sense of smell and hearing and his innate dog sense, he meets one after the other; humans, cats, and wild creatures who pass by the windows of the house.  I don’t want to over think this, but Wellington lives in a totally different level of consciousness from our own—a doggy one.  Here, he may not understand everything, but learns to deal with passing things or Providential ones in his own way—a way both strangely alien, simplistic and prone to acceptance of fate in a fashion that humans might find frightening or, at the least, bewildering. 

Yes, Wellington loves and is loved.  He makes friends of the cats who are also part of the household.  People are more distant for him, and he watches and makes himself available to be petted when they seem to need to pet him.  He is a greedy eater, but sees nothing wrong in that.  

When the dog is entered into an obedience training school, he faces great difficulties trying to understand why the humans are putting him through the rigors of the experience.  For once, punishment and reward are not given to him for his natural behavior, but for behaviors imprinted on him.  Sometimes “licky-kisses” and jumping up on people is not fully appreciated, he finds out.   

And then, there are the monsters. The tale even deals with the death of one of the cats in a sensitive way without mentioning the word “death.” 

When you finish reading Wellington’s Windows, you will find yourself looking at dogs in a different way and asking, “Are they really dumb animals?” 

 Wellington’s Windows is meant to be enjoyed by children ages 6-12 and by animal lovers of all ages.  You may order this book directly from this website: .


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