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The New Great American Writers Cookbook
Edited by Dean Faulkner Wells, Foreword by Julia Reed
University of Mississippi Press, 2003
Hardcover, $25.00, (244 pages)
ISBN: 1-57806-589-5
  "Cooking is easy if you know how to read." -- Ellen Gilchrist

In 1981, Dean Faulkner Wells edited The Great American Writers Cookbook containing recipes from the cream of America's literary voices.  In 2003, she has revisited that concept bringing a new collection of more than 150 recipes from today's writers.

The collection is strong in Southern writers with tempting cuisine for your next gathering, such as: Blenheim-Spiked Sweet Potatoes from John T. Edge; Dinner-Party Crab Casseroles from Pat Conroy and Cassandra King; Roast Quail from Jere Hoar; 99.5% Fat-Free Simulated Pork Barbeque from Clyde Edgerton; Corn Bread Gone South of the Border from Beth Henley; and Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Pie from Lee Smith. Be sure to top it off with Pappy's Whiskey Punch from Dean Faulkner Wells!

Ellen Gilchrist became my hero with her offering of "How to Have a Small Dinner Party" for someone who never cooks. On a similar note, Jason Berry serves a Writer's Red Meat Dinner with some jazz tunes to make your forget the main course.

Each recipe is introduced with a short biography of the author and ends with the author's signature. The recipes are classics, fun, and a great addition to your cookbook shelf.

Dean Faulkner Wells lives and writes in Oxford, Mississippi.


Joyce Dixon
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