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Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel:
Confessions of a Conservative College Professor
by Mike S. Adams
Harbor House, 2004
Hardcover, $19.95 (200 pages)
ISBN: 1-891799-17-7

"They call it diversity. I call it intellectual dishonesty." -- Mike S. Adams

When the first whispers of politically correct thought were given credibility, it seemed like a good thing. It was an attempt to being "nice" and supportive of every group. However, this goodwill turned ugly along the way when those of the far left took control over weaker voices, who choose silence over conflict. That was the day "truth" died. The day it became politically correct to belittle those from the South (especially Appalachia), attack Christianity, and go to a witch hunt mentality on those who think differently.

Mike Adams thought himself a liberal Democrat from Texas before taking a position at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. He had toured South American prisons and saw violations of human rights that he wanted to change. Yet the article he submitted to a journal that should champion human rights, was ignored than rejected because it was judged not ethnically sensitive to their culture -- obviously serving rotten meat to prisoners is a fine delicacy we should appreciate.

After coming against the "diversity" wall several more times, Adams became a conservative Republican. In Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel, he provides a number of essays and unmailed letters that discuss everything from debates with only one position presented to the continuing antics of a senior facility member that many suggested needed psychiatric help. His essays are presented with humor and positions to make the reader think and question -- both marks of a good teacher.

Those who work in academia will recognize the departmental power struggles and the tension surrounding tenure (which caused my favorite University of South Carolina English instructor to break into the University President's house before committing suicide in 1981). The power of conformity to one way of thinking on college campuses is something with which everyone should be concerned. The goal of education is always to learn to think and consider. That has been lost in the current environment. It is why there has been such a movement to home school those in K-12.

Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel should be on everyone's reading list. I admit to being a feminist and fan of Vagina Monologues, but I'm sure that I could change Mike Adams's attitude to these subjects in a friendly debate. After all, unlimited discussion is the truest form of education and enlightenment.

Dr. Mike S. Adams, a professor of Criminal Justice at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, is a regular contributor to and other conservative Internet sites and print publications.

Joyce Dixon
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