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The Spoken-Word of David Clark

Tales from Uncle Remus, Vol. 1
by David Clark
$20.00 (12 stories)
Out of the Sky Recordings, 2001
Myth America
by David Clark
$15.00 (22 stories)
Out of the Sky Recordings, 2000
Kindly Curious
by David Clark
$15.00 (16 stories)
Out of the Sky Recordings, 1997


David Clark recreates twelve of the favorite Uncle Remus tales using original dialect to bring life to the characters of T. Randolph Jacobs and Hezekiah Pepchek. Tar-Baby, Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox bring life lessons through African-American trickster tales originally collected and published by Joel Chandler Harris  in 1880. 


The twenty-two stories and songs of Myth America pay homage to the American Spirit through tales of small town values and patriotism.  Some of the stories were published in his book The Peanut Farmer Stories.  David Clark blends humorous and poignant stories to create a collection of inspirational qualities.


The one that started it all, Kindly Curious was recorded in 1997.  "Kindly Curious" is a gentle term for eccentric folk.  David Clark explores his adopted hometown of Cochran, Georgia and the local color of living in a small town.  The sixteen stories were originally broadcast on Georgia Public Radio.
The production quality of these recordings is excellent and brings a "you are there" feeling to the listener as David Clark spins his tales in character.  This is a must have for your next road trip or something to enjoy as you shell peas. 
Joyce Dixon
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