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More Tellable Cracker Tales
By Annette J. Bruce
Pineapple Press, 2002
Paper, $14.95   (96 pages)
ISBN:  1561642533



This second collection of Florida tall tales, legends, folktales and historical stories, More Tellable Cracker Tales, is one step removed from having a storyteller take up residence on your bookshelves. 

Annette J. Bruce’s sets out over twenty tales in this volume divided under the following:  Cracker Jack Tales, Folktales and Legends, Historical Stories, Tall Tales and Nonsense Stories, and Stories for Special Days.  With the hope that the reader will entertain others Bruce introduces each section with the story’s background or tips for telling.  “A Vanishing Breed” or “Mastodon Hunt,” for instance, suggests props for the storytelling.  At the base of each tale, the reader is guided by a suggested amount of “Telling Time” and the recommended audience age.   

One could read More Tellable Cracker Tales as if a storyteller with training wheels.  More Tellable Cracker Tales is definitely a volume to whet a budding storyteller’s appetite, as well as spark more interest in Florida’s history and stories.


Elizabeth King Humphrey
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