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The Big Bust at Tyrone's Rooming House: A Novel of Atlanta
by James Gallant
Glad Day Books, 2003
Trade paper, $15.00 (225 pages)
ISBN: 1-930180-09-8
Downtown Atlanta has gone through several transformations since General Sherman brought his fashion of urban renewal there. James Gallant has captured a modern neighborhood in change as elderly whites live next to crack dealers, prostitutes, gays, and middle-class families restoring these classic homes.
The Big Bust at Tyrone's Rooming House is a collection of character sketches that fit together as a novel of the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta. The narrator of the novel is a young, white writer who is restoring the house as his wife teaches at Georgia State University. He is actively involved in the community as he writes his observations of their life. The telling blends humor and social awareness with a sweet sadness of their circumstances. Even though neighbors are often at odds, they still join together to help each other. 

Gallant captures the language, temperament and physical decay of inner cities. Through the compassionate eyes of his narrator, he shows a community of mix class and race that works.

James Gallant's stories and essays have appeared in national magazines, including:  The Georgia Review, North American Review, Exquisite Corpse, Raritan, Massachusetts Review, StoryQuarterly.

Joyce Dixon
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