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A Broken Reed
By Ron Miller
Mayhaven Publishing, 2002
Trade Paper, $17.95 (376 pages)
ISBN: 1-878044-90-7

In taking his first novel's title, A Broken Reed, from the Old Testament book of Isaiah -- "A bruised reed shall not break ..... He shall bring forth justice in truth," Ron  Miller announces his intentions and themes. He creates a world where good and evil exist side by side and good people try to make their marks with righteousness. 

Having spent his lifetime in a God-fearing small Southern town, fourteen year old Ollie's world is turned upside down when a horrifying crime is committed. His naive willingness in trying to help makes an adult out of him long before he's ready. 

Set in the late 1950's rural south, Miller's work neatly fits into the categories of both the  initiation or coming of age genre and the mystery-suspense novel. Blending southern culture with history and a love of cars makes A Broken Reed a determinedly MALE work suitable for all ages. 

Ron Miller lives in Anniston, Alabama.


Pam Kingsbury
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