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Chicken Bone Man
by Anna Olswanger
Anna Olswanger Books, 2004
Miniature Hardcover, $16.95 (48 pages)
  Chicken Bone Man would be of interest to collectors of miniature books, Memphis history, music history, or Jewish history. The short story told by a dog owned by the young musician Berl Olswanger is set in 1927 Memphis, Tennessee. It is an amusing tale of the piano playing boy and his singing sister. He is inspired by the acts in the Vaudeville Revue and the snake dancer to pen a song about the "Chicken Bone Man."

Anna Olswanger is the daughter of Berl Olswanger.  She discovered the sheet music for "Chicken Bone Man" and thirty-five other compositions he had written during the 1950's after his death in 1981. Berl's sister Gertie sang with the Chicago Civic Opera Company.

Chicken Bone Man won the Second Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest, sponsored by the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference.

Anna Olswanger promotes Jewish literature at

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