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Life With Strings Attached
By Minnie Lamberth
Paraclete Press, 2005
Hardcover, $19.95 (244 pages)
ISBN: 1-55725-416-8

At age seven, Hannah Hayes has a huge need to ask questions and solve problems.

Hannah longs to know why she can't be a preacher in her Baptist Church, why the adults around her are talking about the possibility of the Equal Rights Amendment for Women, why would her mother want to go back to work or have another baby, what's happened to her dog, Pumpkin, and what's the difference between George Wallace and Richard Nixon. 

Set in Evergreen, Alabama in the summer of 1972, Life With Strings Attached, has the sweet, gentle, nostalgic quality as Pat Cunningham Devoto's My Last Days as Roy Rogers. 

Lamberth's first novel is the Winner of the Paraclete Press Award for Fiction and was selected by Leif Enger, author of Peace like a River. Minnie Lamberth lives in Montgomery, Alabama, where she's at work on a second novel.  
Pam Kingsbury
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