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Miss Woman
By Ann Vaughan Richards
Livingstone Press, 2001
ISBN: 0-942979-77-X




With the arrival of a flamboyant Miss Woman and her daily blues singing, the small town of Victoria, the familiar and comfortable begin to unravel as quickly as Glenna Bledsoe’s sanity. Shortly Glenna is murdered, but who is the murderer. Everyone is a suspect; strangely everyone seems to have a motive to kill the town’s gossip monger. As the narrator sifts through the suspects, the reader discovers more about the residents’ secrets and flaws.

Just as Miss Woman’s impromptu performances transfixed the town, her race and Victoria’s underlying prejudice and fear of outsiders might serve to destroy her. Many residents are quick to believe that she is responsible for Glenna’s murder. But who is she? Eventually even this secret is revealed. Richards packed with story with bizarre surprises that are drawn out at a sleepy pace.

Tia Blassingame
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