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The Patron Saint of Red Chevys
By Kay Sloan
The Permanent Press, 2004
Hardcover, $21.95 (221 pages)
ISBN: 157962104-X

Set on Mississippi's Gulf Coast circa 1964, The Patron Saint of Red Chevys, a sly charmer, is a portrait of family changed by infidelity and murder. 

Bernice Starling, a blues singer, loved her red Chevy pickup truck, loved her daughters Jubilee and Charlene, loved her husband Harry, and may well have loved Levi Litvak. Unconventional and dreamy, Bernice sang in the Negro juke joints, couldn't stand racist talk, and liked Kennedy. One morning in April, while sitting in her truck in her driveway, she's killed by having a knife driven into her chest. Her murder unhinges her family and perplexes the neighbors. Rumors about what could have happened to Bernice abound until Levi Litvak, a local television personality, dies under equally mysterious circumstances. 

While some families would have sold the pickup truck, Jubilee is determined to restore the vehicle to its original glory. Many of her earliest memories of her mother are associated with the truck and she intends to use it in her search for her mother's killer. 

The Patron Saint of Red Chevys is a novel about the lengths to which a daughter will go to restore her mother's reputation, and the distances necessary for coming to peace with violent death.  


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