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Promises Beyond Jordan
by Vanessa Davis Griggs
FreeToSoar Publications, 2001
ISBN: 0-9673003-2-0


Vanessa Davis Griggs'
Promises Beyond Jordan is a lively read exploring a minister's search for a helpmate.

As a pastor to a sizeable congregation (3,000 plus) in Atlanta, George Landis needs a wife -- for protection, for comfort, and to keep the gossips at bay. When he meets Theresa Jordan, she seems to be the answers to all his prayers. She's the daughter of a Bishop, well-educated with money and a career of her own, and his church approves of the match. Nine days before their scheduled wedding, George happens upon a news item about Johnnie Mae
Taylor, the woman he loved before being called to the ministry.

Johnnie Mae, a well-known African-American writer whose work has been selected by a national book club, has been involved in a car accident in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Johnnie Mae's husband and daughter are both in Intensive Care. When Pastor Landis decides to drive over to Birmingham to check on Johnnie Mae, his fiancé doesn't take the news well. Unable to believe George Landis can offer comfort an old friend, Theresa's true nature is revealed to all.

Promises Beyond Jordan is the story of redemption and undying love.

Vanessa Davis Griggs, the author of two previous books -- Destiny Unlimited and The Rose of Jericho, lives in Birmingham, Alabama. The Rose of Jericho is a prequel to Promises Beyond Jordan.


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