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Some Days There's Pie
By Catherine Landis
St. Martin's Press/Griffin Edition, 2003
Trade Paper, $12.95 (291 pages)
ISBN: 0-312-30929-5

Some Days There’s Pie is a sweet, sassy, and tart story about the ways in which friends become "family."

At twenty, Ruth instinctively understands her elopement with Chuck, a stereo salesman, isn't going to work. She doesn't want to spend all her days in a town so small that fried pies are sold at the hardware store. Deciding to make a new start sooner rather than later, she leaves her husband, her mother, her church, and her life behind in Summerville, Tennessee.

When Ruth faints from hunger in the five and ten in Lawsonville, North Carolina, Rose, an eighty-something reporter for the Lawsonville Ledger, rescues her. Rose gets Ruth a job as a receptionist at the paper, introduces her to the community, and acts as mother hen when necessary. In return, Ruth saves Rose from her meddling daughter Carol. 

Both women, big on boundaries, forge a relationship based on love, yet free from obligation and shared history.


Pam Kingsbury
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