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Terminal Bend
By Patricia Mayer
Livingston Press at the University of West Alabama, 2000
ISBN: 0-942979-73-7




Patricia Mayer's first novel, Terminal Bend, is named for the small fictional southern town near Alabama's Gulf Coast. Set during World War II, the novel follows the saga of one isolated small town filled with quirky characters and age-old stories told by "Miz Melba".

Melba has seen seventy-two years' worth of life in her hometown. She and her brothers, Bink and Brother Earl, played there as children, graduated from the local high school, lost their respective virginities in the backseat of the same family car, worked in Melba's in-laws' restaurant, and have buried loved ones in the local cemetery. While the town has been touched by the two world wars, the Depression, and the occasional stranger, its' residents remain largely philosophical exacting their revenge against what can't be changed in small ways.

Patricia Mayer is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She is a registered nurse, wife of a nurse anesthetist, and the mother of five sons, including two sets of twins. Mayer currently resides in Mobile as a nurse for a small parochial school.


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