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Wings of Grace
Vanessa Davis Griggs
BET Publications -- New Spirit, 2005
Trade paper, $15.00 (336 pages)
ISBN: 1-58314-468-4


Set in contemporary Birmingham, Atlanta, and Asheville, Wings of Grace revisits Pastor George Landris, who was introduced to readers in Griggs' first novel, Promises Beyond Jordan

Notwithstanding the problems with his brother and his congregation, Pastor Landris has every intention of making his wedding to Johnnie Mae Taylor perfect. Too busy with her book tour and speaking engagements to offer anything more than moral support, Johnnie Mae realizes what a treasure she's found in George. Not only does he love her, he loves and accepts her daughter, and treats her mother with kindness and respect. He understands and practices the biblical injunction "to love one another." 

Johnnie Mae cherishes her work. She loves every detail in the writing process -- from doing the research through promoting the finished book. While researching a new project, she becomes involved in the life of Sarah Fleming, an older woman whose family has spent years keeping her hidden from view. To her great surprise and pleasure, Johnnie Mae's research leads her back to three generations of women in her fiancée’s congregation. 

Griggs has created a memorable ensemble of characters with strong wills and even stronger faith. Their belief in the power of God sustains them. Wings of Grace is filled with the Spirit and touches the spirit.


Pam Kingsbury
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