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Historical Fiction Reviews  

My Old True Love, Sheila Kay Adams, 2004
Candle in the Darkness, Lynn Austin, 2002
Birthright: A Novel of the Civil War, Clay Blount, 2004
The Wedding Dress, Virginia Ellis, 2002
On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon, Kaye Gibbons, 1999

The Long Journey, Wayne Greenhaw, 2002

Hell at the Breech, Tom Franklin, 2003

For Love or Honor Bound, Derek Hart, 2001

Chicken Dreaming Corn, Roy Hoffman, 2004

Nowhere Else on Earth, Josephine Humphreys, 2001 (paper)

Charleston, John Jakes, 2002

Enemy Women, Paulette Jiles, 2002

Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands, Susan Carol McCarthy, 2002

Sisters Forever, Sharon D. Martin, 2001

Poe and Fanny: A Novel, John May, 2004
Behold, This Dreamer, Charlotte Miller, 2000
Through A Glass, Darkly, Charlotte Miller, 2001
There is a River, Charlotte Miller, 2002
The View from Delphi, Jonathan Odell, 2004
Seven Laurels, Linda Busby Parker, 2004
Coosa, Jack Prather, 2002
A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street: A Novel. Milam McGraw Propst, 1999
Ociee on Her Own: A Novel. Milam McGraw Propst, 2003
Baptism at Bull Run, James P. Reger, 2004
The City of Churches, Kenneth Robbins, 2004
Where the Birds Never Sing: The True Story of the 92nd Battalion and the  Liberation of Dachau.Jack Sacco, 2003
In The Hope of Rising Again, Helen Scully, 2004

For the Love of Country, H. Greeley Thornhill, 2001

Sophie and the Rising Sun, Augusta Trobaugh, 2001

Confederate Money, Paul Varnes, 2003
Evidence of Things Unseen, Marianne Wiggins, 2003

The Dark Sun Rises, Denise Williamson, 1998

Will's War, Janice Woods Windle, 2002