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Confederate Money
By Paul Varnes
Pineapple Press, 2003
Hardcover, $18.95 (270 pages)
ISBN: 1-56164-271-1

Paul Varnes has drawn on family history in addition to official documents to write his first novel.

Told from the point of view of young Henry Fern, who has witnessed the murder of his "step-pa," as the Yankee troops destroy the Confederate salt works in Cedar Key, Florida, Confederate Money is a coming of age novel with elements of the thriller. 

Henry Fern is a young man on a mission. He wants vengeance and he doesn't trust anyone else to share his quest. His goal to find the Yankee killers leads him throughout the South and much of the North as the war spreads. His adventures take him into both sides of the Battles of Shiloh Church, Chickamauga, and Olustee. 

Henry, a survivor, learns to thrive and make money as battles are taking place all around him. Realizing, at best, the war will end in a draw, Henry manages to accumulate as much money as he can. He's generous to family, friends, and those he considers to be in need, but is ruthless to those his enemies. 

Confederate Money will appeal to readers who enjoy Civil War history and trivia. 

Paul Varnes is a native of Florida and a retired professor from the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism at the University of Florida. He spent his military service in infantry combat in Korea. A number of his ancestors fought in the Civil War.


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