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For Love or Honor Bound
By Derek Hart
XLibris, 2001
Softcover $26.99  (531 p)
ISBN : 1-4010-2669-9

The Southern-Brazilian connection during the American Civil War has long been a source of fascination for historians. In For Love or Honor Bound, Derek Hart focuses on the 3rd South Carolina Calvary's patrol and defense of Savannah as well as the Battle of Honey Hill.

When Sophia Bario, a Brazilian countess in a love-less arranged marriage, is recruited as a spy, she's ready for diversion and believes she's involved in a game. Her husband, who enjoys the adventure of sailing and speculation, encourages his lovely and playful wife, to amuse herself.

Products of the upper-classes in their own country, the Count and Countess are welcomed in the Confederacy. Robert Norton, a Confederate calvary officer, is most smitten with the Countess and she returns the attention.  She unwittingly allows her family to be caught in the middle of Sherman's March to the sea.

Derek Hart has used family diaries to create a historical romance. Several of his ancestors served in the Confederate Army. The author resides in Atlanta with his wife and son. He's the Director of Training and Development for a major corporation. He welcomes reader feedback and can be reached


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