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Ociee on Her Own: A Novel
by Milam McGraw Propst
Mercer University Press, 2003
Hardcover, $23.00  (161 pages)
ISBN:  0-86554-838-2

Ociee Nash's adventures continue from A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street. Book two opens with the ringing in of 1900.  The city of Asheville comes alive with the celebration as locals parade in decorated carriages.  The relationship between Aunt Mamie and George Lynch continues to grow.  Marriage is in the air, as Ociee learns she is to return home to Mississippi for the wedding of her brother Fred with his girlfriend Rebecca. 

Having made the train trip before, Ociee feels a bit more sophisticated this time, but still becomes excitable as her brother Fred, now working for the train line, joins her in Chattanooga for the remainder of the trip.  She even gets to see the conductor she befriended on the first trip.  Like Pollyanna, Ociee spreads sunshine to all she meets, and everyone loves her.

However, Ociee has emotional hurdles when she reaches Mississippi.  The family now lives in town.  The farm has been sold.  Ociee returns to the farm to collect her mother's plants and other items to make the new house homey.  While digging up the plants Ociee discovers a treasure left by their ancestor during the War Between the States.  How Ociee uses the treasure shows the wealth of her heart.

Ociee on Her Own provides closure for Ociee and her family's grief at losing their mother.  Yet I hope more adventures of Ociee will follow.

The novels have been made into the feature film The Adventures of Ociee Nash, which premiered the summer of 2003.


Joyce Dixon
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