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Deadly Greed
by Clark Cox
High Country Publishers, 2003
Trade Paper, $12.00 (137 pages)
ISBN: 1-932158-49-9
Deadly Greed, a true crime story, recalls the murders to Maceo and Vela McEachern of Hamlet, North Carolina in 1991. The African-American family lived in Rockingham County and their murders made headlines and shocked the community. No one expected murders could happen there.

Through hard work, Maceo and Vela McEachern became financially and socially prominent. Their situation was unusual for African-Americans in that place and time.

Cox, a former journalist, tells the story of the crime, the trial, and the eventual fate of the murder (and those surrounding him). The story is told in short chapters using the clear, precise language of journalism.

Clark Cox, a native of Jefferson, North Carolina, has been a reporter and editor on weekly and/or small daily newspapers for forty years.
Pam Kingsbury
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