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Historic Indian Towns in Alabama, 1540 - 1838
By Amos J. Wright Jr.
Foreword by Vernon J. Wright Jr.
University of Alabama Press, 2003
264 pages
ISBN: 0-8173-1251- X/cloth/$55.00
ISBN: 0-8173-1252-8/paper/$22.95





Amos J. Wright has followed his love of archaeology since 1965. His love for Alabama and the state's history, folklore, Indian culture, and archaeology are all evident in Historic Indian Towns In Alabama, 1540 - 1838. He has painstakingly identified site locations and references from the earliest and most rudimentary documents and maps of Alabama. 

Towns are listed alphabetically with the text of each entry developing chronologically. Only a few of the towns have been located by archaeologists, and this book serves a handbook for the future. Part narrative, part cultural geography, part southeastern archaeology, and part ethno history, Wright has provided the groundwork for many more years of research. 

The charts, appendices, and bibliography offer an easy guide for further reading. 

The author retired from the U.S. Army Command at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. He's the author of The McGillivray and McIntosh Traders of the Old Southwest Frontier, 1716 to 1815

Vernon J. Wright, Jr., who provides the book's introduction, is Professor and Chair of Anthropology at he University of Alabama and coeditor of Archaelogy of the Moundville Chiefdom. 


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