Sports History  

Southern Fried Football
The History, Passion, and Glory
of the Great Southern Game
by Tony Barnhart
Triumph Books, 2000
ISBN: 1-57243-367-1


Tony Barnhart’s love of the pigskin began in 1965 when he watched the first televised game between Georgia and Alabama.  Georgia won 18-17 and second-year coach Vince Dooley beat legendary Bear Bryant.  This book is Barnhart’s dream project capturing the traditions, passions and history of college football in the South. 

Keith Jackson, the voice of college football for ABC, wrote the foreword, which gives insight to the magic of the game and what it teaches society. 

Southern Fried Football gives the chronological history of the game and a trivia dictionary of southern football terms.  Profiles of players and coaches as well as articles on historic games are enough to make a football couch potato cry.  He or she could even learn enough to try out for a sports trivia game on ESPN.   

My favorite was the chapter on “Game Day”.  Barnhart takes you to each college with that school’s symbols, nicknames, key locations, fight songs, and legends.  “Great Rivalries” explores the passion of opposing traditions.  Barnhart offers a chronological history of the rivalries and which school is leading the record battle at this time.   

Barnhart also pays homage to “The Voices” of college football from Georgia’s Larry Munson to North Carolina’s Woody Durham.   

Southern Fried Football will make you want to set up a tailgate party in the living room as the gang gathers to watch the bowl games.


Joyce Dixon
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