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A Very Special Gift:
The Story of the Legacy of Emily Fisher Crum and Remer Hamilton Crum
by Jaclyn Weldon White
Mercer University Press, 2002
Hardcover, $25.00  (166 pages)
ISBN: 0-86554-805-6



Jaclyn Weldon White leaves her true crime genre to write the history of a tract of land, which turns out to be a unique story of a Georgia family who displayed characteristics of entrepreneurial spirit, generosity, joy, and the ability to overcome hardships.  The telling of this story was by request as part of the gift of land, but it is well-worth telling and would have been a shame to have missed.

So, what is so special about this track of land?  It just happens to be Atlanta's 83-acre Century Center Office Park, which everyone sees as they drive on I-85.  Rental income of the property in the bequeath should bring Mercer University and LaGrange College $123 million. 

The legacy of land started on a north Georgia farm, where the orphaned children were to share in the sale of that property.  Emily Fisher's parents purchased a farm north of Atlanta with her mother's share.  They were living in Atlanta at the time, where her father was an automobile salesman.  In time, they moved to LaGrange, where her father Orr Fisher opened a dealership. But they held onto the farm, and it time, it became a wise investment for Emily and Remer Crum.

The family anecdotes are gems reflecting period customs and Emily's as well as her mother Bessie's spirited natured.  It turns out that A Very Special Gift is a very special gift indeed.   

Jaclyn Weldon White is a retired juvenile court administrator who worked in law enforcement for more than twenty years.  She is the author of The Empty Nursery: The Disappearance of Haley Hardwick and Whisper to the Black Candle: Voodoo, Murder, and the Case of Anjette Lyles.

Joyce Dixon
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