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Where There Are Mountains:
An Enviromental History of the Southern Appalachians
By Donald Edward Davis
University of Georgia Press, 2003
$19.95 trade paper
352 pages with illustrations
ISBN: 0-8203-2494-4

Where There Are Mountains is an informative and accessible study of the changes in the Southern Appalachians from around the 1560s to the present divided into eight sections with an extensive set of notes, bibliography, and index, the author explores the relationship between the area's inhabitants and their environment. Throughout the last four hundred years, the region has been named and dominated by various cultures, all of which were impoverished. Each group has used and abused the land in order to survive. 

Combining geological, ecological, anthropological, and historical data, the author has provided insights into an important piece of the South's collective history. 

Donald Edward Davis is a professor of sociology at Dalton State College and the author of Ecophilosophy: A Field Guide to the Literature as well as Hiking Trails of the Smokies.


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