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Dad's Tweed Coat:
Small Wisdoms, Hidden Comforts, Unexpected Joys
by Jim Reed
Premium Press America, 1998
Hardcover, $14.95  (160 pages)




Jim Reed has a habit of writing each day -- often on just scrapes of paper and such.  Dad's Tweed Coat is a collection of some of those essays and life's observations.  The blend of southern humor and wisdom makes the forty-eight essays worthy of sharing.

"Wearing Your Memories," is a tender reflection on wearing his father's tweed coat and the memories it brings him. 

"The Write Right Rite," tells of the joy and power of diary writing, where lies and fancies can become history in the hands for a future historian reading your thoughts as fact.

"Did the Earth Move For You?" Describe a phone conversation between Jim and his wife Liz after she experiences her first earthquake in California. She is happy to return back to tornado alley.  Of course, this was written before Alabama had it's own quake in 2003.

"The Tanning I Deserve."  Everyone makes "to do" lists, but Reed makes a list of things to avoid during summer -- such as: sucking in his gut at the beach as a female walks by or reading anything called blockbuster.

Dad's Tweed Coat is done in gift book format, and I'm sure those receiving it would read it with a smile.

Jim Reed is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and makes his home in Birmingham.  After a careers in broadcasting, higher education and public relations, Reed is an author, storyteller, speaker, columnist, humorist, rare book dealer and museum curator. 


Joyce Dixon
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