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The Forever Season
By Don Keith
University of Alabama Press, A Deep South Book
Softcover, $18.95 (276pp)
ISBN: 0-8173-1242-0



C. P. (Corinthians Phillipians) McKay is a memorable character. Named from books of the New Testament during one of his father's "biblical phases," the young narrator immediately endears himself to readers with his self-deprecation and innocence. 

His ne'er-do-well father only notices C.P. only praises his son for his athletic ability. Corey Phil's earliest memories revolve around football -- the first gift he remembers, the first friends he played with, the worst beating he ever got.... While his first love is poetry, young men who live in trailer parks after their mother's release from prison are rarely given top priority for academic scholarships. 

When Coach Rankin offers C.P. a "full ride" at a good state university with a great football program, Corey Phil believes his dreams have the possibility to come true. He'll take Creative Writing while playing football and graduate with honors. 

Once there, he realizes the joke is on him -- the only girl on campus he wants to date thinks athletes are clichés; he has to beg to take academic courses; the professor he most wants to impress makes a pass at him; and the university president has plans to make C.P. a role model. 

The Forever Season is a football "coming of age story." Don Keith's prose is tight, wry, and vivid.


Pam Kingsbury
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