Southern Scribe
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Literary Classics    

Trash, Dorothy Allison, 2002

My Life & Dr. Joyce Brothers: A Novel in Stories, Kelly Cherry, 2002

The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love, Elizabeth Cox, 2002

Dixiana Moon, William Price Fox, 2001

Double Vision, George Garrett, 2004
Horse and Buggy Days on Hatchett Creek: An Alabama Boyhood in the 1890s. Mitchell B. Garrett, 2003
The Annunciation, Ellen Gilchrist, 2001
In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, Ellen Gilchrist, 2002
Run Me A River, Janice Holt Giles, 2003

Almost Family, Roy Hoffman, 2000

Herod's Wife, Madison Jones, 2003

The Forever Season, Don Keith, 2002

The One-Eyed Man, Larry L. King, 2001

Malaise, Nancy Lemann, 2004
Lives of the Saints, Nancy Lemann, 1997
Sportsman's Paradise, Nancy Lemann, 1999

Set in Motion, Valerie Martin, 2001

A Recent Martyr, Valerie Martin, 2001

In My Father's Garden, Lee May, 2002

Mrs. Hollingsworth's Men, Padgett Powell, 2002
Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail, Louise Shivers, 2003
In the Miro District and Other Stories,  Peter Taylor, 2002