Literary Criticism 

Margaret Mitchell: Reporter
Edited by Patrick Allen
Hill Street Press, 2000
ISBN: 1-892514-86-9

From December of 1922 to 1926, Margaret Mitchell worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal.  She was a member of the staff of the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine.  Though she was hired to write style and society articles, often they touched on world conditions and the changing role of women.   

Her first article was changed into a news item because she had interviewed an eyewitness to the Italian Revolution.  Mitchell's article on Paris fashion also gave the society girl's reflections on poverty in Germany. 

As a history, the book presents Mitchell's profiles of Atlanta's society and power brokers.  There are features from the dark side of mental patients and federal prisoners. 

Patrick Allen has compiled Margaret Mitchell's articles from that period.  The book gives insight into Margaret Mitchell as a modern woman.  The articles offer a look at a period of history when the role of women was changing, the world was on the brink of war, and the rise of the New South.


Joyce Dixon
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