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Mystery Reviews   

Execute the Office, Daniel Bailey, 2004
Old Murders, Frankie Y. Bailey, 2003
A Dead Man's Honor, Frankie Y. Bailey, 2001
The Angel Whispered Danger, Mignon F. Ballard, 2003
Shadow of an Angel, Mignon F. Ballard, 2002
An Angel to Die For, Mignon F. Ballard, 2000
In the Forest of Harm, Sallie Bissell, 2001
The Aliens of Transylvania County, Patrick Bone, 2002
A Melungeon Winter, Patrick Bone, 2001
Cold Case Squad, Edna Buchanan, 2004

Last Car to Elysian Fields, James Lee Burke, 2003

Hair Raiser, Nancy Cohen, 2000
Permed to Death, Nancy Cohen, 2000
Fiddle Dee Death, Caroline Cousins, 2003

Pagan Moon, William G. Davis, 2000

Crimson Creek, Dean Feldmeyer, 2001

On My Father's Grave, Marshall Frank, 2003
Dire Straits, Marshall Frank, 2001

The Man Who Just Didn't Care, Ray Garmon, 2000

Voices in the Sand, Anne Grant, 2000
Crossed Bones, Carolyn Haines, 2003
Buried Bones, Carolyn Haines, 2000
Them Bones, Carolyn Haines, 1999
Poppy Done to Death, Charlaine Harris, 2003
Last Scene Alive, Charlaine Harris, 2003
Fortunes of the Dead, Lynn Hightower, 2003
The Hit, Jere Hoar, 2003
Death on a Cellular Level, Vicky Hunnings, 2003

A Sonnet for Shasta, David Hunter, 2001

Surface Tension, Christine Kling, 2002
The Biloxi Gambler, Wilma Knox, 2001
Atlanta Blues, Robert Lamb, 2004
Past Tense, Bob Levy, 2002
Bone Dust, Rick Maier, 2003

A Good Soldier, Jeffrey Marks, 2003

Last Lessons of Summer, Margaret Maron, 2003
Dead Ball Foul, Kayla McGrady, 2000
Music to Die For, Radine Trees Nehring, 2003
A Valley to Die For, Radine Trees Nehring, 2002
Suspicion of Madness. Barbara Parker, 2003
The Night She Died, Jennifer Patrick, 2004
Southern Nights: A Mystery and Suspense Collection by Southern Writers, Marti Phillips and et al, 2001
The Lazard Legacy, William Rawlings, Jr., 2003
The Grail Mystique, Brewster Milton Robertson, 2003
Rainy Days and Sundays, Brewster Milton Robertson, 2000
Midnight Hour, Mary Saums, 2000
The Valley of Jewels, Mary Saums, 2001

Cemetery Silk, E. Joan Sims, 2002

Lowcountry Boil, Carl T. Smith, 2003

Deal with the Dead, Les Standiford, 2001

Dog Island, Mike Stewart, 2001

Salted With Fire, Grif Stockley, 2001

Darkling I Listen, Katherine Sutcliffe, 2001

Dying to Meet You, Amy Talford, 2001

Haunting Refrain, Ellis Vidler, 2002

Judas Island, Kathryn R. Wall, 2004
Perdition House, Kathryn R. Wall, 2003
And Not a Penny More, Kathryn R. Wall, 2002
In for a Penny, Kathryn R. Wall, 2001

Deep Sleep, Charles Wilson, 2001

Shikar, Jack Warner, 2003