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The Aliens of Transylvania County
By Patrick Bone
A Silver Dagger Mystery, 2002
ISBN: 1-57072-175-0


In 1956, Chester, the narrator and hero of The Aliens of Transylvania County, was a senior in high school smitten with Davy Crockett, Elvis Presley, and classmate Hannah Jane Goins.

Everyone in Transylvania county knew the legend surrounding Devil's Mountain (near Brevard, North Carolina) -- aliens and vampires abduct children who wander too close to the mountain during a full moon. When handsome newcomer John Croshaw announces his intention to visit the mountain and take Hannah Jane with him, Chester feels duty bound to tag along and protect the woman he loves. Chester knows his behavior is stupid but feels compelled to take on the challenge. 

Bone introduces each chapter with a lyric written to give the reader a hint of what is to come. These lyrics are filled with folklore, mountain superstition, and ghost stories. The author uses horror, humor, and the supernatural to create a fanciful tale. 

The Aliens of Transylvania County is the author's follow-up to his award winning A Melungeon Winter, a 2001 book-of-the-year nominee by the Appalachian Writers Association. Patrick Bone has been a ranch hand, lawman, college instructor, storyteller, and minister. His next project is a Colorado lawman series. 


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