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Death on a Cellular Level
by Vicky Hunnings
Avalon, 2003
Hardcover, $24.95 (294 pages)
ISBN: 0-8034-9608-7
  When Dr. Anthony Kline opened his door for Trick or Treaters, he was greeted by a large kid in a wet suit -- with a gun. The scientist doing research on the effects of radiation from cellular phones, was soon dead on his foyer floor.

In book two of the Lowcountry Mystery series, Hilton Head Detectives "Shark" Morgan and Dell Hassler have their hands full with three deaths before dawn on All Saint's Day in a gated community. Besides the doctor, the home of his research assistant goes up in flames with two bodies inside -- assumed to be his research assistant "Cece" Campbell and her aunt.

However, the assassin missed his target. Cece partied all night in her Cher costume, to return to her home in ruins with the bodies of her aunt and her aunt's lover. She immediately connected the deaths to Dr. Kline's research, and knew that the backup disks in her purse contained the motive. She had to go into hiding and find a safe place.

What follows is a suspense-filled race back and forth from Beaufort County, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia. Detectives Morgan and Hassler use the powers of land and sea to conclude the cat and mouse game between the assassin and Cece.

Vicky Hunnings uses her knowledge of hospitals to provide an interesting safe house for Cece. Also the methods for going underground with only a Cher costume, a known car, and limited funds add to the adventure. Take notes for your next escape.

Death on a Cellular Level is an intense read. You'll think twice next time your cell phone rings. 


Joyce Dixon
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