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Dying to Meet You
By Amy Talford
Silver Dagger Mysteries, 2001
ISBN: 1-57072-196-3



The Nashville Jaguars, the NBA's newest franchise, has a problem. The Hangman, named for his preferred method of torture, is killing beautiful, young women who seem to have no connection to each except for the love of the game.

One of the hangman's victims is the granddaughter of a senator accustomed to getting what he wants. When he hires Dr. Lori Patrick, a profiler, to find the killer, he upsets order amongst the detectives working the case.

Mike Mitchell, the lead investigator, is a rich, handsome, stockbroker turned cop, whose family was murdered. An incompetent profiler allowed the killer to get away and Mitchell's hostility carries over into his working relationship with Patrick, who has family issues of her own.

Mitchell, under pressure from both the media and the mayor, is acutely aware that he must find the killer.

Lori, trusting her judgment rather than her partner, becomes involved with Calvin Ray, an aging and aching guard for the Jags. After The Hangman leaves taunting messages in his victim's blood for Mitchell, the case becomes personal.

Amy Talford, who is married to a professional basketball player, offers the reader an inside look behind the NBA. Dying to Meet You is am ambitious and volatile first novel.

A pharmaceutical representative, the author lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, with her dog, Champ. Talford is at work on her second novel and comes from a long line of writers. Her grandmother was a poet and her sister, Lori, writes gothic novels and short stories.


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