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A Good Soldier
By Jeffrey Marks
A Silver Dagger Mystery, 2003
181 pages
IBSN: 1-57072-215-3 (hardcover) $23.95
ISBN: 1-57072-216-1 (trade paper) $13.95

While General U.S. Grant has heard rumors about the missing diaries of Jefferson Davis, the "misplaced" gold of the Confederacy, and the looting that went on after the War ended, he's tended to discount what he hasn't witnessed for himself. 

On a trip through Bethel, Ohio with his wife Julia, youngest son Jesse, and father (also Jesse), Grant and his wife are horrified when their son shows them gold coins he claims were a gift. Reluctant to believe their son would lie to them, the Grants turn their attention to where the coins came from and why everyone associated with the gold seems to be dying an unnatural or untimely death. 

In his search for answers, Grant realizes how dependent he is upon his wife, his good fortune in war, and the reach of his father's political ambitions for him. He questions his views about women's role in post Civil War society as well as his judgments on other issues of his time. 

Jeffrey Marks, who lives in Cincinnati, was born in Georgetown, Ohio, the boyhood home of Ulysses S. Grant. A Good Soldier is the second novel in his series of U.S. Grant mysteries. His work has been nominated for the Agatha, Anthony, Edgar, and Macavity Awards.


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