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Haunting Refrain
By Ellis Vidler
Silver Dagger Mysteries, 2002
Hardcover, ISBN: 1570721963
Trade paperback, ISBN: 1570721971

Kate McGuire and her long time friend, Venice Ashburton have a complicated relationship. Venice, once a friend of Kate's parents, was the first person to recognize the ennui in Kate's perfect marriage to an up and coming politician. Unlike her parents and husband, Venice recognized and encouraged Kate's talent as a photographer. Sensing Kate has other undiscovered talents, Venice, who has some psychic powers, has enrolled the two of them in a parapsychology class.

When the police discover the women have been handling a sweatband owned by a young, lovely missing woman,  Kate fears the loss of her privacy and her burgeoning photography business. Her divorce made headlines statewide and Kate's gun-shy. The ever flamboyant Venice calls a local reporter, John Gerrard, offering him exclusive interviews in hopes of increasing her own fortune-telling business. Unfortunately for both women, murderers read.

In Haunting Refrain, Ellis Vidler, blends mystery and romance. She's created amusing characters worth revisiting.

A native of Kentucky, who was reared in Alabama, Ellis Vidler claims storytelling is in her blood. Her grandmother's family's "vein of clairvoyance" inspired many family legends and her grandfather enjoyed spinning tall tales. Mrs. Ellis's short fiction, "Restitution" won the South Carolina Writers Conference Prize. She and her husband live in the South Carolina Piedmont with their dog and cat.


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