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In for a Penny
by Kathryn R. Wall
Coastal Villages Press, 2001
Trade paper, $14.95 (285 pages)
ISBN: 1-882943-13-9



Bay Tanner survived the bombing of her husband's plane, which took his life.  It took a year for her to recover from her burns and wounds, though she still bears the scars on her shoulder as well as emotionally.  She has become a recluse in her Hilton Head Island beach house, till an elderly friend of her mother's calls her for lunch. 

Bay was an accountant, who often worked with her husband on his investigations for the South Carolina Attorney General's office. It was one of those investigations that made her husband Rob a target. 

Her lunch with Adelaide Boyce Hammond was not just a friendly lunch.  Mrs. Hammond needed Bay to investigate a financial matter that may have the sweet lady penniless and homeless.  Seems that she gave a large sum of money to a local man who was working on a land development project -- but the promised dividends were not coming.  Another surprise to Bay was that her father the Judge was also an investor. 

Her father is an invalid following his stroke, which left him in a wheelchair.  But he is still a force and powerful in his own way.  His weekly game of poker and cigars is a round table of Lowcountry powerbrokers and inside information.  Bay works her way into a game to learn more about the land deal.  It turns out that the local man is Geoffrey Anderson, on whom she had a teenage crush. 

The young widow reawakens her sassy vixen self as she catches the eye of Geoffrey Anderson.  This doesn't make her brother-in-law Red happy, since he has been waiting through the mourning period in hopes of starting an intimate relationship with Bay, but she can only see him as Rob's brother and a good friend.

The more she learns about Grayton's Race, the more she questions Anderson's connections.  The chemistry between them seems real, but how much is he involved in the threats on her life?

In for a Penny, book one of the Bay Tanner mystery series, is a romantic-suspense novel with touches of southern characters and locales.    


Joyce Dixon
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